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Zero-Interest Loans: Why you should pay attention?

  Companies that offer zero rate loans present them as propositions in which the borrower cannot lose. An important purchase that could otherwise cost a large cash expense can be spread 12 or 24 months free of charge, creating a much more pleasant cash flow situation. There are, however, several pitfalls with these loans, including a greater chance of making…

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Loan with property or vehicle guarantee: good or bad deal?

Collateral is something that helps to secure a loan. When you borrow money, you agree (somewhere in the fine print) that your lender can take something and sell it to get your money back if you do not repay the loan. The guarantee makes it possible to get great loans and improves your chances of approval if you are having…

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Reimbursing A Loan Work In Advance, Instructions For Use

First of all, it is essential to know what a loan works. It is in fact a financing generally granted by any financial institution. The latter is indeed a loan earmarked for the purchase of a property or the repair of some or all of a property. It should also be noted that a work loan does not distinguish between…

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