Testosterone is defined as the prototypical male hormone for building muscle mass. Having testosterone in normal levels is very critical for a variety of other benefits, including well being, enhanced energy, increased libido, and improved athletics performance.

An average gym goer will tell you that, the single physical factor most affecting the muscles growth and fat loss is the Testosterone level. On the other hand, changeability of Testosterone levels within the physiological standard range does not have an effect on muscle growth.

The levels of testosterone must be kept balanced all the time without much fluctuation because low levels can also be harmful to the health and cause a myriad of problems, which include but not limited to reduced muscle with bone strength, less energy, together with lower fertility.

Testosterone improve your muscle building and energy

Excessive amounts of Testosterone in the body can also cause early puberty for boys. Young boys can easily acquire excessive amounts of testosterone if and when they touch testosterone gel that an adult man is using for treatment.

Good thing is that there are several ways of ensuring you keep your testerone levels normal, this include;
Always add zinc to your meals because it is known to stimulate the body to produce testosterone
Take proteins in some reasonable amounts, namely beef, chicken, fish as well as beans or cereals in general

Add more magnesium often as this helps to block a protein from strapping with testosterone. Spinach, cashews and other good sources should help as they have magnesium

Promegrate: Try to start your day every morning with a glass of juice made from this fruit
Avoid beer when you can: Alcohol is known to throw off most parts of the body’s hormonal system, which can cause some imbalances.

If you are looking to reduce the testosterone levels, there are foods that are likely to help with that example; yoghurt, cheese, grains (which might include rice cereals, bread and pasta) chocolate too helps a great deal in this.

The above simple tips are so natural so there are no side effects afterwards to worry about because it is diet-based and therefore can be enjoyed as it constitutes healthy eating habits to keep the body energizer.

It is advisable to measure your testosterone levels at all times, this can be done through visiting a doctor who can order for a blood test, and also make sure to get a second opinion by doing a second test because testestorone levels are able to change a great deal from day to day, therefore an additional test might come in handy.

Research has shown that anabolic steroids which drastically raise the testosterone levels can also be given to young and strong men to stimulate muscle growth and fat loss without any exercise at all. But if you can work on your body to produce testosterone naturally then it is advisable to do so.

Also keep in mind that apart from keeping the testosterone levels normal, you need to make exercise a habit in order to get the maximum benefits of getting your muscles right.


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